Thirty years of experience in the extrusion and processing of technical films, professionalism, seriousness and flexibility, combined with the continuous research and improvement of the production processes, to operate at the forefront in the production of personal protective equipment for the healthcare sector.


Research and development


We have converted our production towards the realization of disposable protective overalls and gowns in non-woven laminate with plastic film for doctors, nurses and oss and for all healthcare personnel.


We have decided to go in the field and work in the front line to face the current emergency

Professional production of individual protection devices for public and private health

We make disposable protective gowns and overalls in non-woven fabric (TNT) laminated with plastic film for doctors, nurses and

Our product is composed of TNT laminated with a seven-layer plastic film with high technical characteristics in terms of resistance and barrier against chemical and biological agents, as well as liquids.

It differs from the classic water-repellent TNT product for its resistance and barrier characteristics.

All our personal protective equipment and materials are category , tested, verified and compliant with regulations and the Istituto Superiore della Sanità


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