Manufacture of personal protection devices for all doctors and healthcare professionals

We convert our production towards the realization of disposable protective gowns and overalls in non-woven laminated with plastic film for doctors, nurses and

Gamma Automotive Srl was born out of thirty years of experience in the extrusion and technical film processing sector for various types of applications and uses. Experience, professionalism, seriousness and flexibility, combined with the continuous research and improvement of the production processes, have allowed us, over the years, to bring the Company s quality standards to ever higher and guaranteed levels, so as to design and produce only a wide range of products dedicated to specific needs and for the most varied applications, but also products tailored and developed thanks to the use of polyester non-woven fabrics and plastic films.

The great attention that we constantly pay to market trends and to the real needs of all our customers, have pushed us to work on the front line to face the current emergency that is affecting our country and is bringing global health to its knees.

The shortage of personal protective equipment such as overalls, gowns and masks (indicated by the Higher Institute of Health among the aids to equip health workers) not only for doctors, nurses and Oss, but also for the health personnel of the Operational units committed to dealing with emergencies and for territorial medicine (family doctors), has pushed us to convert our production and direct it towards the health sector, with the production and production of disposable overalls and gowns in non-woven fabric laminated fabric with plastic film, compliant with UNI UNI EN 795 (requirements for clothing and surgical drapes) and UNI EN 4 6 (bacteriological protection) and able to provide adequate protection that allows all healthcare professionals to be able to operate in total safety and without endangering your health. We have also put on sale on our site rolls of TNT laminated with plastic film that can be used in the creation of coveralls and gowns and other personal protective equipment for all health workers and for public and private health. Ethics and responsibility are values that have always distinguished Automotive Range and that today more than ever we choose to pursue to bring a concrete and immediate contribution to Italy and the world.